Birth day 05/April/1985
From Japan(Miyagi prefecture). But long time livied in Tokyo.

Traveling around the world with some Missions and Purposes.
It is almost 2 years. Over 50 countries.

This is my travel project Website.(But only Japanese language.)
SAMURAI BackPacker Project : http://samuraibp.com/

One Japanese online magazine reported about my project.
This is English!! You can understand my project.


Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/mohideki/

BLOG : http://blog.livedoor.jp/mohideki/

Facebook : My Facebook Account


+ Current Activities +

*Founder of SAMURAI BACK PACKER PROJECT(WEB)(About in English)

*Writer in Japanese Business magazine and Marketing magazine during my around the world traveling.

*I'll published book, probably..


+ Past Activities +
*Established Advertising media company
as one of Co-Founder in Japan.(Ocenaize,inc.)

*Our service is "TADACOPY"
that is new creative advertising media service in the world.

*Guest Speaker at Chuo University of Japan.

*Guest Speaker at Waseda University of Japan.

*Seminar Speaker at Z-KAI(Japanese education company.)

*I joined the whistle competition of 2009 in Japan.

*Event Planner about Survival Game "Life is Survival." (WEB)

*Established Marketing Community in Chuo University of Japan.(WEB)

*I shared house with many people who meeting up with internet BBS for 4years as a leader.

*Event Planner about Music Live Event in Japan.

*Internship at some companies.

*Internship at Entrepreneur program.

*Support Japanese job hunting students.

*Managing the dining bar "SOUEN". that is managed by Students when I was university age.

*Published Free magazine about Career for Students as a Founder.

*I was a volley ball player for 6years.

*My University : Chuo University. (Major was Business Administration.)


+ Media Exposure +

If you can understand Japanese language...
Let's move to Japanese page!! not here.

actually some TV,News Paper,Online Magazine...
but all of them...are Japanese letter.
Probably impossible to understand it.




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